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 The very nature of the oil industry presents many hazards. To offset this risk, Southern Range Well Servicing Ltd. has stringent safety policies in place that are continually undergoing review, changes, additions, etc.  For the last few years, we have been building a database of Job Safety Analyses and Safe Work Procedures.  Employees are required to perform hazard assessments, follow safe work procedures, conduct/attend daily safety meetings, and follow a regularly scheduled program of maintenance and inspection.

As well, we continually update our training program for new hires. Our three-step program includes the initial safety orientation (includes policies, legislative requirements, safety responsibilities, etc.).  Interactive training familiarizes new employees with all the basic safety requirements for working in the oilfield.  Our new hires are then sent in the field with the experienced rig managers to complete steps two and three.  The rig manager and crew watch the new hire to determine their ability to perform tasks safely and gradually the new employee will be permitted to perform increasingly challenging tasks.  A three-month probationary review is conducted for each new hire to review abilities and competency. 


 We complete our COR audits yearly.  We have had our COR Certification for the 8 years.  We continue to upgrade our health and safety program with our ultimate goal to eliminate workplace accidents and incidents. 

Our Safety Philosophy

 We maintain a health and safety program conforming to the best practices in our field.  To be successful, our program must embody proper attitude toward injury and illness prevention.  Cooperation of both management and employee is required in all health and safety matters.  Only through this combined effort will our safety program be consistent and effective.